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Knot-Aide Fishing Ring (Red)
Knot-Aide Fishing Ring (Red)
Knot-Aide Fishing Ring (Red)

Knot-Aide Fishing Ring (Red)

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This ring is used as an aid for tying fishing knots faster, safer, easier, and more intuitively. Nobody likes spending time tying baits all day, we like catching fish! So we have developed a tool that reduces tying time by 60%, while keeping your fingers away from hooks. This is also the easiest way to learn how to tie hooks and teach those around you! Works with ALL fishing hooks and lures.


1. Feed line through the eyelet of your hook or lure, and put your Knot-Aide ring on your thumb or index finger.

2. Carefully place the sharp point of your hook into the eyelet of your Knot-Aide ring.

3. Grab hold of the line, minimize slack, and spin the hook/lure around your finger 6-7 times.

4. Feed the loose end of the line through the bottom twist, as you would finish any fishing knot.